The Hottest Network Marketing Company in Long Beach?

If you own a business or you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, you must be familiar with some of the marketing strategies in the market. Most business owners usually rely on online and offline methods of marketing their services and products and give less attention to network marketing. However, they cannot be blamed if they do not understand how to use this marketing technique.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a marketing technique which makes use of independent representatives. The work of these representatives is to reach out to the target customers, especially those who cannot be easily reached through other marketing strategies like online and offline marketing. Network marketing representatives are also referred to as sales persons or sales agents.

If you are interested in becoming a network marketing expert, there are premium internet coaching programs available for purchase.

While these representatives have been there since time immemorial, most people do not realize the kind of impact they have on business marketing. Some even believe that when they see advertisements marketing a business, the representative is a direct link to the company. In most, if not all, cases, the representative is just an independent business owner and has no link to the company they are advertising.

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Why Businesses Need Network Marketers

network marketing in businessesSome may ask why a business cannot just rely on the internet alone to market their own business, or better still, create signs directing people to their premises. Business owners have come to appreciate the force of network marketing over the years because it benefits their businesses. An independent network marketer not only gives a business visibility but also shares his or her network with, and for the benefit of the business they market. A business owner is therefore, able to benefit from a wider network and increase his or her business potential.

What are the Advantages of Network Marketing?

If you are thinking of becoming a network marketer, you will probably be attracted by the benefits that come with it. Unlike other marketing businesses, this one allows you to work anywhere in the world. This is made even easier by the internet. You need not set an office and get stuck in it. Instead, you can work anywhere and still get clients.

You also get to work in your perfect environment whenever you want. It might be 4am, you’re having trouble sleeping, and you pull out your laptop and start working. That’s the beauty of being and internet entrepreneur.

Another advantage of network marketing is that you get leverage over other business marketers. All you have to do is increase the number of distributors in your network and you will see the increase in your income. The idea behind this is that network marketing companies always pay their distributors based on work done by other distributors. You need not have many distributors, you only need active and efficient ones and you are good to go.

Another benefit that comes with joining a network marketing business is that you improve on your tax efficiency. Instead of being an employer who pays taxes before they can spend their money, you will have a business that allows you to deduct your expenses before your money is taxed. This subsequently, reduces your tax burden. If marketing is where your passion lies, consider network marketing and reap its benefits today!

Essay: Why Long Beach residents need to watch their water consumption

Long Beach residents should really start paying attention.

Although we aren’t stranded, we are all on an island. Whether that island be in the middle of the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, or in the setting up camp in the middle of North America, you are surrounded somewhere by water. I want to talk about Fresh Water, that is pure H2O. We have plenty of it available. As humans, we dam the river and hope that we can have enough to flow unconditionally into our homes. Once it gets there, we can do a few things that most don’t, but the elite do.

The essential oil industry is all the craze these days, reports Boise window cleaning specialist Tom Vedder. Add the oil to your drinking water or to your bandage to help you heal. It seems that the oils do it all. Even the humidifier has been bombarded by extracted oils. But give this a try, and there is no down payment required for this tid-bit of info. Sleep with your humidifier on. Science shows that turning the dry air into humid air during your sleep increases your skin health. By adding moisture to the air, the cold and flu are less likely to be your friend and the skin absorbs the moisture thus moisturizing the skin.

Beneficiaries include the nose, lips, skin, and the throat. You know the nightly routine. Hop in Bed. Put holes in the ceiling. Lie on back. Open mouth and start drying out that mouth. One sawed log at a time. Just add one step, that is the humidifier. Give it a whirl… ditch the essential oils, and try a humidifier without the oils!

Speaking of the new fads: welcome Natural Cleaning products.  You have diatomaceous earth that is natural. This cleaner has a ph level of 7, can be consumed with zero harmful side effects except one. If you drink too much of it, you can actually drown to death! By now, you should have guessed it. We are talking about water! To get a streak free window, you don’t need to get out the ammonia filled window cleaner, just grab the spray bottle and a towel (microfiber if you have one) and wipe away. Hard water spots, dirt grime, streaks, the whole works. Kiss ‘em good-bye! Some of the better windows out there are using the oldest “green” solution out there. 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 Part Oxygen.

One of the regular cleans my grandmother did, was a water scrub of the stainless steal appliances, in particular the sink. Take a nylon scrubber, and wet the sink and the scrubber. Use a circular motion and wha-lah! There really isn’t much more to it! A little elbow grease does indeed go a long way!

As I go through life, there seems to be an increasing amount of get rich quick, or get clean quick, or life hacks that try to eliminate the effort. While it is true that using a manmade product or a natural product can do wonders; there is a place for grime, dirt, grease, and sweat that comes the hard work. We can see why it is called the dirty work. But we also know, when working with straight agua, there is no need for dirty.

Vemma a scheme? Woah, not so fast

It’s no secret by now- the FTC has succeeded in shutting down operations for Vemma Nutrition Company even before courts rule on anything.  The lawsuit FTC vs. Vemma was filed August 17 but was just made public this week.  

And some Vemma bloggers are flat-out outraged.

Already the news outlets are having a ball playing up the story and making big headlines while they’re at it.

CNBC has picked up the story, and the New York Daily News ran an article under its Crime section…talk about guilty until proven innocent!  What started out as a small but shocking blip on the radar screens of direct marketers became overnight a sensationalized mass-media story.

Why the dramatic hype of a seemingly innocuous lawsuit which doesn’t affect many people on the grand scale of things?  Vemma may be a successful company with $2 million in revenue last year, but on the whole it’s not a brand that merits national attention…usually.

Are journalists generating hype for alternative reasons?  Perhaps there’s a greater story here?  Let’s take a look at a few of the headlines and compare them to the facts and see where that gets us.

Here’s what the headlines are telling us about the Vemma case

  1. “Vemma Shut Down for Running Pyramid Scheme”.  OK here you’ve got a classic case of guilty until proven innocent.  Shouldn’t this say “allegedly” running pyramid scheme?  That’s from CNBC, who should know better.
  2. “Federal Trace Commission calls Vemma energy drink ‘illegal pyramid scheme’ that targets young adults”.  True, the FTC does talk about targeting young adults in its lawsuit.  However, the five charges have nothing to do with targeting young adults because THAT’S NOT ILLEGAL.  So, here we have  clear case of hype: readers will morally object to Vemma right away because “oh no” they’re targeting our youth!  Horrors!  Well guess what, if that’s something you object to then Coca Cola, the National Park Service, Apple, Starbucks, and Verizon Wireless are guilty of the same thing: offering jobs to students or marketing their products to students.  That’s from the NY Daily News, cited above.
  3. “FTC shuts Vemma ‘pyramid’ scheme that used college kids”.  Now Vemma’s USING kids!  And notice that the pyramid scheme question is now a bygone conclusion.  That’s from the New York Post.

And that’s not all…once you start reading the bylines and opening paragraphs of these reports you begin to get the sense that something bigger than Vemma is at stake here.  Consumer Affairs ran a story that began with this sentence: “…by Vemma Nutrition, a multilevel marketing scheme…”.

What’s the difference between this and other nutrition MLMs, like Rain International?

The wording is carefully crafted to make ALL multi level marketing businesses sound like schemes.  “Scheme” is negative and implies the hidden motive of ripping people off.  That’s not what multilevel marketing is…it’s a valid means of distributing good products via social and individual, personable channels.  Some say it MLM hearkens back to the days of the corner store where the shopkeeper knew all his customers personally.  

He could deliver better service and could more aptly fill his shelves with the good customers really wanted, not just the products he wanted to sell.  Journalists are either acting irresponsibly by not investigating the true nature of MLM, or they’ve got a secret agenda.

Either way, it’s not what journalists are supposed to do.