Essay: Why Long Beach residents need to watch their water consumption

Long Beach residents should really start paying attention.

Although we aren’t stranded, we are all on an island. Whether that island be in the middle of the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, or in the setting up camp in the middle of North America, you are surrounded somewhere by water. I want to talk about Fresh Water, that is pure H2O. We have plenty of it available. As humans, we dam the river and hope that we can have enough to flow unconditionally into our homes. Once it gets there, we can do a few things that most don’t, but the elite do.

The essential oil industry is all the craze these days, reports Boise window cleaning specialist Tom Vedder. Add the oil to your drinking water or to your bandage to help you heal. It seems that the oils do it all. Even the humidifier has been bombarded by extracted oils. But give this a try, and there is no down payment required for this tid-bit of info. Sleep with your humidifier on. Science shows that turning the dry air into humid air during your sleep increases your skin health. By adding moisture to the air, the cold and flu are less likely to be your friend and the skin absorbs the moisture thus moisturizing the skin.

Beneficiaries include the nose, lips, skin, and the throat. You know the nightly routine. Hop in Bed. Put holes in the ceiling. Lie on back. Open mouth and start drying out that mouth. One sawed log at a time. Just add one step, that is the humidifier. Give it a whirl… ditch the essential oils, and try a humidifier without the oils!

Speaking of the new fads: welcome Natural Cleaning products.  You have diatomaceous earth that is natural. This cleaner has a ph level of 7, can be consumed with zero harmful side effects except one. If you drink too much of it, you can actually drown to death! By now, you should have guessed it. We are talking about water! To get a streak free window, you don’t need to get out the ammonia filled window cleaner, just grab the spray bottle and a towel (microfiber if you have one) and wipe away. Hard water spots, dirt grime, streaks, the whole works. Kiss ‘em good-bye! Some of the better windows out there are using the oldest “green” solution out there. 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 Part Oxygen.

One of the regular cleans my grandmother did, was a water scrub of the stainless steal appliances, in particular the sink. Take a nylon scrubber, and wet the sink and the scrubber. Use a circular motion and wha-lah! There really isn’t much more to it! A little elbow grease does indeed go a long way!

As I go through life, there seems to be an increasing amount of get rich quick, or get clean quick, or life hacks that try to eliminate the effort. While it is true that using a manmade product or a natural product can do wonders; there is a place for grime, dirt, grease, and sweat that comes the hard work. We can see why it is called the dirty work. But we also know, when working with straight agua, there is no need for dirty.

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